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Dating its foundation to earlier years, company started it business life under the name of Merkon Lojistik in 2016 and has got great success in its industry because of its principle which determines c
BIO Consulting Company was established by Ali Tanver YAZICIOGLU at 18 June 2014 in Bursa. Bio Consultancy Company is the first consultancy company in Turkish Free Zones. Our Vision: To be the first choices of companies who wants to do new investment or expand their investment in Bursa region of Turkey. Our mission: * To avoid investors to deal with procedures. * Explain all advantages/disadvantages, incentives of Bursa with 13 Industiral Zones, Free Zone and Technopark * Use latest technologies * Providing quality service to contribute to the competitiveness and employment. * To ensure customer satisfaction with working continuously without limits Our Core Values: * Be Customer Focused * To provide right, good and affordable solutions for customer * Simplicity * Sincerity * Consistency Creating Value: * Efficiency and Productivity * Integrity, Reliability * Respect for People and the Environment Achieve together: * Team Spirit * Sincerity and Openness * Continuous Improvement (Technological and Regulatory)